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Our Favorite Bedrooms From 2012
It's no surprise what the focus is, inside the bedroom of wallpaper designer Alix Soubiran. "I created the wallpaper, French Room, from what I imagined to be on the walls of an 18th century Parisian bachelor pad. I wanted to evoke the patina of many years of candle smoke penetrating the walls. Once it was installed in the master bedroom, I just put in the furniture I already had: an antique bed from Belgium, the steamer trunk, antique paintings, books . . ." Source: Michael Robinson Chavez

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Our Favorite Bedrooms From 2012

December 25, 2012

The bedroom is the most intimate room in the house, where comfort is king, and style is at its most personal. We love them all, whether they're clean and white or moody and luxe! Take a look at some of our favorites from 2012.