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FAN Table and other designs by Mauricio Affonso table main shot

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FAN Table and other designs by Mauricio Affonso

October 3, 2012

Here at Yahoo! Homes, we love designer Mauricio Affonso's FAN Table, which unfortunately isn't in production (though we hope it's just a matter of time). Read more about it, and about Affonso himself, on our Spaces blog; you'll also find a short video of the table in the act of transformation.

This slideshow starts with photos of the FAN Table in its various permutations. Starting at slide 14 (if you want to skip ahead) are other appealing Affonso designs, including a house-shaped tissue box with the tissue standing in as chimney smoke; a set of coasters that snap together to form a trivet; and a contact lens holder shaped like retro glasses. Those are available for purchase through Umbra.