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10 treehouses that aren't just for kids
Eye in the Sky
Qualicum Beach, BC, Canada

Find yourself three sturdy trees, and shell out $45,000 (for fiberglass or $150,000 for wood) if you'd like to call one of these Free Spirit Spheres your own treehouse. (Worth noting: The pricier wood version is equipped with plumbing and heating.) Or, book one for a night or two at a Treesort starting at $145 (Canadian) a night.

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10 treehouses that aren't just for kids

October 3, 2013

Rustic treehouses have always been great playrooms for the kids, but the old scrap-lumber-platform construction just won't do for adults. When it comes to grown-up getaways, it has to be luxe. Running water, fairytale views, and "Swiss Family Robinson" architecture are practically required. To show you what we mean, This Old House has assembled outdoor escapes that prove that when your home among the limbs is this fancy, climbing up a tree doesn't have to mean roughing it. | By Elizabeth Lilly, This Old House Online

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