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10 Essentials: Jon Call
Andreas Karyofilis spent over a year documenting sportsmen, capturing them cinematically in high-resolution, large-scale photographs. They are at once intense and quiet. A strange mix that keeps the viewer coming back for more. Our interiors at Mr Call Designs are meant for displaying dramatic works like this

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10 Essentials: Jon Call

December 27, 2012

Never mind his polished portfolio - just one look at this dapper designer will sell you on his style credentials. Based in Manhattan, Jon Call is the creative talent behind the budding firm Mr Call Designs. Much like his outfits, his interiors are characterized by refined pieces but always include an element of surprise. His aesthetic appeals to a savvy but hip clientele, ranging from uptowners to Brooklynites. We caught up with him to discuss his essentials - from gray-toned pooches to sports photography.