NEW: Zillow Mortgage Marketplace App for iPad

Erin Lantz
October 31, 2012

For most, buying a home is one of the biggest purchases of a lifetime. As a result, mortgage shopping can be an equally daunting task, knowing that a wrong decision can cost you thousands of dollars. With the launch of Zillow Mortgage Marketplace in 2008, our goal was to reinvent this complex mortgage shopping landscape, providing a unique, transparent marketplace where borrowers could connect with reputable lenders and find personalized loan options, instantly and anonymously. Further innovating in the mortgage space, the Zillow Mortgage Markplace iPhone App launched in 2009, introducing the ability to access Zillow’s real-time rates and shopping experience on the go.

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of the Zillow Mortgage Marketplace App for iPad, a new personalized mortgage research and shopping app designed especially for the iPad’s interactive, multi-touch capabilities.

Utilizing the device’s large touch screen, we were able to introduce interactive calculators and animated graphs that help borrowers determine a more in-depth and customized understanding of what they can afford, monthly mortgage payments and refinancing costs. Additionally, the device enabled us to build an engaging visual interface for borrowers to compare personalized loan quotes side by side, and browse reviews of the lenders offering quotes — Zillow Mortgage Marketplace has more than 22,000 customer-submitted lender reviews.

Unique to the iPad app, consumers can also utilize the “Get Pre-Approved” section to connect with preferred Zillow lenders who can pre-approve borrowers for loans before they start shopping for a home. This is an important feature for buyers wanting an edge in today’s competitive housing market.

So whether you’re curious about what your budget looks like for a new home, interested in getting pre-approved before your house hunt starts or maybe even standing in the living room of your dream home at this very moment, let the Zillow Mortgage Marketplace App for iPad be your mortgage shopping sidekick.

Also available on iPhone and Android, Zillow Mortgage Marketplace apps can be downloaded for free from the Google Play store and iTunes App store.

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