Value-enhancing bath upgrades

January 16, 2013

Want to improve your home's value and functionality? Start with the master bath. If you remodel this high-traffic area, you'll upgrade your living space while increasing your home's value.

Bathroom vanities. Bath vanities get more use than any other fixture in this high-traffic space. Besides being subjected to plenty of wear and tear, they set the style of a master bath, so it's important to find a high-quality product you love.

Tip: Don't limit your choices to stores' in-stock inventory; your dream vanity might be a special-order item. Hire expert installers or learn how you can install a bath vanity yourself.

Bathroom vanity mirror. One of the most common bathroom-makeover mistakes is not putting enough thought into choosing the bath mirror. A mirror has a huge impact on style and practicality. Consider size and scale relative to bathroom vanities, as well as framing styles, which vary from minimalist to ornate.

If you've invested in a special-order vanity, opt for a complementary special-order bathroom vanity mirror.

Bathroom lighting. Good lighting is essential to your bathroom's safety and functionality. It also enhances your bath's ambiance and improves its décor.

Bath hardware and accessories. Enhance your polished and sleek master-bath aesthetic by investing in gleaming new bathroom hardware and accessories.

Coordinate all the metal elements in your bath. Start with your faucets and continue from there. Are they polished chrome or brushed nickel? Oil-rubbed bronze or new-again gold? Buy a towel bar, towel ring, hooks, tissue-roll holder and doorknob in a matching finish and complementary design.

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