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The Ultimate Guide to the Ultimate Whale: Donald Trump

Sarah Firshein
January 29, 2013

Photo via NYDN

As far as real estate high rollers go, is there anyone who rolls quite as high as Donald J. Trump, that ultra-famous, ultra-fascinating mega-developer who's worth more than $7B, owns magnificent homes (and a vineyard!) around the globe, has a carefully cultivated reputation as a baron of self-branding and, recently, a political pundit? Trump's grand, gilded, imperialistic dreams have left many a bystander none too pleased; recently, the impassioned fight against his plans to build a golf course and (much-criticized) clubhouse in Scotland was chronicled in the British documentary You've Been Trumped, and a 2011 reader survey conducted by the Wall Street Journal found that the Trump name rates as "just a vanity address." Below: a closer look at The Donald's real estate wheelings and dealings, personal successes and failures, and closet full of expensive planes.


Infographic by Kelsey Campbell-Dollaghan

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