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‘Sex and the City’ Apartment Vs. Sarah Jessica Parker’s Townhouse

Erika Riggs
June 13, 2013

The “Sex and the City” apartment

Sarah Jessica Parker's townhome.
Sarah Jessica Parker's townhome.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s townhome

sarah jessica
sarah jessica

Source: IMDb

Carrie Bradshaw may be fictional, but her apartment is as real as it comes, and — like the “Sex and the City” character’s shoe collection — it’s fabulous.

But is it as fabulous as the apartment owned by Sarah Jessica Parker, the actress who plays Carrie?

Let’s compare the two.

The contenders

The “Sex and the City” townhome, located at 64 Perry St, New York NY
Parker’s townhome, located at 20 E 10th St, New York NY


On “Sex and the City,” Carrie was renting a 1-bedroom apartment on the Upper East Side. In reality, the building used for exterior shots of her apartment is a townhome in the West Village. The townhouse was on the market last year for $9.65 million, which is pretty pricey, but it doesn’t hold a candle to SJP’s $24.95 million townhouse, which is on the market now. Sorry, Carrie.

Winner: Parker’s apartment.


In one corner we have the “Sex and the City” townhome, weighing in at 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and 3,938 square feet of living space.

In the other corner of the ring, Parker’s townhome has 5 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms and measures 5,178 square feet.

Winner: SJP for the prize, again.

Glam factor

The first thing going for the ‘SATC’ townhome is its Hollywood factor — any home used for a film or TV show ups the interest. Other appealing factors: a spot on a “coveted” tree-lined street surrounded by other historic homes, a south-facing garden, herringbone floors, 6 fireplaces and architect Robert Mook, who designed the home in 1866. Double parlors at the front have 12-foot-plus ceilings and ornate, gold moldings.

Parker’s townhouse is just as glamorous in its Greenwich Village location. The home also boasts double parlors with 12-foot ceilings and a south-facing garden and terrace, as well as 7 fireplaces. The house is also four stories with a full-floor master suite.

Winner: We’re going to have to go with “Sex and the City” townhome purely for the gold moldings and framed mirrors. Glamorous indeed.

Overall winner

It’s hard to tell here — Parker’s home is clearly the winner in size and price, but the “Sex and the City” townhome already sold — and for almost at its asking price. Final result? We’ll call it a tie!


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