The Luxe Life: A London Talent Relocates to NYC

December 6, 2012

Formerly based in London, Anna Karlin moved to NYC in 2010; since then, she has been distilling her aesthetic through a wide range of endeavors: digital, print, branding, interior, and set design (working for clients from Swarovski Crystal to U2).

This past October, Karlin debuted her Furniture and Fine Objects collection, working with a limited but luxe palette (ash wood, hand-blown glass, and brass) and simple shapes that reference American craftsmanship. The collection is produced entirely in New York; Karlin's New York City showroom is located at 64 Allen Street, 4A, and is open by appointment only.

Photography by Don Freeman for Anna Karlin.

Above: The Cap and Wine Opener is made of sold cast brass and sold individually or as a set.

Above: The Chess Stools are cold-rolled out of hollow steel and plated in brass.

Above: The Glassware is a set of four tumblers, a decanter, and a water jug.

Above: The adjustable Screw Top Stools are hand tooled screw spindle with brass stopper.

Above: A detail of the Screw Top Stools inlaid with a brass cross.

Above: The Dining Table is made of ash wood and inlaid with brass; it features three sliding doors on each side, each with a brass number.

Above: Karlin, an alumni of The Glasgow School of Art, values local craftsmanship as much as modern production; based in New York City, she successfully marries the two.

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