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New Lease on Life for DJ Sam Ronson in Her Lindsay Lohan-less Bungalow

Laura Vecsey
December 6, 2012

DJ Samantha Ronson can dream up new set lists in her new Santa Monica bungalow.

Source: Scratch

Most of us remain a little confused about that episode in her life when Sam Ronson was dating Lindsay Lohan, who, even after they broke up, still wound up living next to Ronson in a sophisticated modern rental in Venice Beach, CA.

Maybe to help put all of that contentious and confusing real estate and personal history to bed, so to speak, Ronson has finally moved on. Like, literally.

The sister of mega producer Mark Ronson (who brought the world Amy Winehouse’s smash release “Back to Black”) dropped $810,000 for her sweetly renovated house in Santa Monica.

Lindsay Lohan and Sam Ronson in better days. Source: Sugar & Spice

According to TMZ, Ronson put down about $185,000 and took out a mortgage for the remaining $625,000, which must mean business is pretty good for the skinny-jeaned, pixie-shorn, nightlife merrymaker.

Ronson’s new pad is about seven blocks from the beach and had been completely remodeled. The place features 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and an outdoor sitting area with fire pit.

The house is also “cozy,” which means there would probably never be enough room for LiLo and all that drama.