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Eight-Year-Old Gives Dwell Two Cents on Architect Barbie

Sarah Firshein
October 22, 2012

Earlier this year, architecture critic Alexandra Lange waxed poetic about the sheer ridiculousness of Architect Barbie, calling the overly pink doll with an "outdated hot-pink blueprint tube" and "skyline-print dress" yet another gender-specific toy that might "narrow girls' play to what manufacturers think they already like: playing house, not building one." The piece, which ran in Dwell, was a solid takedown of the toy, which Mattel released last year only to send a bunch of actual architects into a tizzy in a shared quest to redesign the good lady's Dream House.

Now the magazine has found a well-spoken commentator on the issue in the form of an 8-year-old reader whose note is published in this month's Letters column. "If you're going to send a girl an Architect Barbie," Olivia Steger emailed in, "then you should send something about architecture with it so that she knows what that doll means." Steger suggests Lego blocks, a book ("like You Can Be a Woman Architect"), or "Architecto, a game where you have to figure out what blocks are used to make the models on the cards." The kid goes on to reference Frank Lloyd Wright; read the full letter below.


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