Celebrity Homes Lingering on the Market

Erika Riggs
November 1, 2012

Sometimes it takes more than a famous name to get a home to move off the market. Celebrities, it turns out, are just like us and face troubles getting a property to sell.

A celebrity name doesn’t instantly mean the home is worth more, explains Los Angeles real estate agent Gary Gold.

“In general, the home is only worth more in that it’s a great way to market a home,” he said. “Celebrities just bring a lot of eyeballs to the property.”

How quickly a home sells depends on a lot of factors.

“There are just certain homes that go on the market and sell immediately,” Gold said. “Pricing definitely plays a role, and how the house is displayed is critical.”

Other considerations? Good photos, a great description and a home that’s available for buyers to go see.

Unfortunately the longer the home is on the real estate market, the harder it may be to sell as buyers begin to wonder why the property hasn’t sold.

Many of these celebrity homes have bounced on and off the market several times, many of them unable to sell due to the real estate slump of the past few years.

But with the market heating up, many of these homes may finally have a renewed chance to snag a buyer.