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Cake Kitchen Paper Placemats

November 2, 2012

Hmm, these geta slight frown because of the fact they’re intended for one use only, but they would be excellent placemats for a party or special dinner where regular linens just aren’t feasible. Blueprints of appropriate place settings can’t be ignored, after all, because of the technical aspect and the poking fun thereof. Also available in kraft paper. And, should you wanta cotton alternative, do be sure to take a look at these: Cheat Sheet Placemats from Donkey.

Cake Kitchen Paper Placemats
Cake Kitchen Paper Placemats

Created in collaboration with Cake Vintage.
Paper (30% thereof recycled).
Includes 50 placemats.
18.25″w x 12″l.
Dispose after one use.
Made in the USA.