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Turn a spare room into a man cave

Matt Jones
Y! Homes | Project Center
October 3, 2012

Looking for a way to make a spare room double as a playroom and a fully decked-out man cave?  Take some tips from our "D-I-Why Not?" video host, Jeff Meacham, who shows homeowner Brian how to make space for his kids' toys as well as his big boy toys.

The trick is how to store toys away - ready for the kids' playtime at a moment's notice - while also allowing room for typical man cave items like a cabinet bar, wall-mounted TV, comfy seating, tables for snacks, and sports memorabilia.

Follow the video tips and our project suggestions below to learn the secrets to creating a two-purpose spare room.

Here's what you'll need:

Tape measure and pencil
Stud finder
Liquid Nails
Wood oil
Paint roller brush and handle
Paint tray
Chalkboard paint
Prefabricated cabinet
Butcher block wood counter top
Straight pins
Storage baskets
Sports jerseys

Here's how to make this project

Once you've obtained and set up your prefabricated cabinet/bar and butcher block wood counter top, use a caulk gun to apply Liquid Nails in a controlled, continuous bead flow around the top edges of the cabinet. Carefully align the counter top to the cabinet and press it down firmly.  Allow it to dry.

DIY tip: Use Liquid Nails instead of conventional metal nails for a cleaner, faster, easier way to secure the counter top to the cabinet.

Now use wood oil to seal and protect the wood counter top. Working in the direction of the wood grain, apply the wood oil lightly and evenly with a clean rag.  Allow it to dry.

Next, apply the chalkboard paint to the cabinet doors.  Use a paint tray and a polyurethane roller brush to apply the paint carefully to the doors.  Allow it to dry.

DIY tip: Chalkboard paint applies well to almost any painting surface.  It's also erasable, washable, and durable. And your kids will love you for it because now they can "draw on the furniture" and you'll actually be happy they did!

Now create some man cave sports memorabilia.  Gather a few of your old sports team jerseys - or buy some of your favorite team shirts - and frame them for a wall decoration.  Here's how: simply slide a jersey over a piece of cardboard matching the shirt size (making sure the shirt is taut), pin the shirt to the cardboard, and mount the shirt in a glass frame to place on the wall.  It's that easy -  and impressive.

Finally, arrange your man cave seating, snack tables, cabinet bar, and TV as you please in your room, and store baskets of  toys neatly away inside the cabinet bar.

Now your spare room makeover is ready for double duty as a playroom or man cave any time you want.

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Share comments here about how your project went, and also post photos of the finished look on Yahoo! Homes Flickr to amaze your friends!