DIY chandelier wreath and other decor for a holiday potluck

Jennifer Karmon
Y! Homes | Project Center
November 28, 2012

In this week's "D-I-Why Not?," host Jeff Meacham has a couple of projects to help an inexperienced holiday hostess create her own tradition: a holiday potluck.

Jeff starts out with a "wreath chandelier" -- an unconventional way of displaying two wreaths hanging from the ceiling in a kind of halo style. You can find full instructions for the wreath project on the Home Depot's forum, by user and store  associate DesigningWoman, or on the Martha Stewart site.

As with virtually any of these DIY projects, keep your mind open: Even if this style doesn't suit you, you can adapt the idea to suit your own tastes. Not into evergreens? Try a silver wreath for sparkle; or Target has a pretty white one with pine cones and unfussy leaves for $25. Going for a new twist on the old red-and-green tradition? Swap out the red ribbon for pastels or even trendy neons. Or ditch the wreaths altogether! I saw a similar idea on Pinterest that used an umbrella frame and icicle lights, and Flickr user Elizabeth Uselton photographed a lighted chandelier built from a bicycle wheel.

After the chandelier, Jeff moves on to show homeowner Lisa how to make clever party favors: booklets containing each potluck recipe, so everyone can preserve the memory of the day. Jeff sews a book with fabric covers, but if you're scared off by sewing (as Lisa appears to be at first!), you can make a simple accordion book; Paper Source even sells an accordion book kit for just $6.

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