25 stunning backsplashes, plus an easy guide to installing your own

Jennifer Karmon
Y! Homes | Project Center
November 8, 2012

Cooking isn't the only way to unleash your creativity in the kitchen: Use the backsplash as your canvas.

You can play it safe with simple, chic, economical white subway tiles, or you can install colorful mosaics that are true works of art. Or experiment with nontraditional materials like pure copper, solid bronze chunks, shimmering goldleaf -- that's right, real gold -- or even petrified wood.

We've put together a slideshow to inspire you, and we made sure to throw in some budget options for the pragmatists out there. But don't forget that you can splurge on even the most fabulously expensive materials if you use them as accents within a larger field of cheaper tile rather than covering a whole wall.

Click the photo above to go to our slideshow of 25 amazing backsplashes. Feeling inspired? Our latest "D-I-Why Not?" episode shows you how simple it is to install your own glass tile backsplash:

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