ZipRecruiter Launches Integration With Worthi® by Citi to Provide Job Seekers With Access to Resources Needed for a Career Jump

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One-Fifth of Working Americans Are Considering New Industries for Employment

LOS ANGELES, November 04, 2021--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Today, ZipRecruiter announced a new integration with Worthi® by Citi (, an online skills development tool, to provide job seekers with resources they need to secure their next great career opportunity. With over 20% of people working in the U.S. seriously considering a career switch, job seekers are looking for cost-effective and accessible ways to polish their job skills.¹

Through Worthi’s website, job seekers can understand and acquire the skills needed to transition into a new industry. The free tool provides insight into skills that are in demand based on users’ locations. It connects job seekers with online learning opportunities to enhance their existing skills and enable them to learn new skills needed in today’s evolving job market. Now, through an integration with ZipRecruiter, Worthi users can also see the open roles that are a strong match for their newly attained skills, including details such as job responsibilities and salaries.

"Employers are desperate to find workers, but many people are still struggling to find work. That’s because the old way of searching for work requires job seekers to send multiple applications off into a black hole," said Ian Siegel, ZipRecruiter CEO and co-founder. "Once job seekers create their ZipRecruiter profiles, our powerful matching technology suggests relevant jobs and pitches them to employers. Our Worthi integration makes it even easier for job seekers to find opportunities matching their skills—and to be found."

Employers are relaxing requirements for roles in an effort to widen their candidate pools. Job postings requiring no prior experience have increased by 15.3% since 2018, while postings requiring a Bachelor’s degree have dropped by almost 6%.² As employers become open to a broader potential set of candidates for their open roles, ZipRecruiter has collaborated with a number of partners to offer job seekers the tools they need to find their next opportunity. Recently ZipRecruiter announced a partnership with Facebook, allowing job seekers credentialed through one of Facebook’s online learning courses access to a ZipRecruiter-powered website, with job openings specific to skills acquired through Facebook’s programs. Through partnerships such as those with Citi and Facebook, ZipRecruiter continues to expand career opportunities and create streamlined pathways into attractive jobs.

Developed, designed, and launched by the Citi Ventures Studio ( team, the Worthi tool:

  • Provides insight into existing skills that can be applied to new roles; recommendations for the specific skills needed to transition to new roles; and salary information, demand, average educational experience and top companies hiring for comparable roles.

  • Allows users to compare current salaries with the market average, based on location and occupation.

  • Shows users the top skills in demand for roles and the skills that could increase earning potential.

  • Connects users with online courses to acquire the career-broadening skills to help them grow in their current role or transition into something new.

"In its first iteration, Worthi’s goal has been to provide job seekers with accessible and affordable resources to develop their skills while also providing more transparency into the monetary worth of skills in today’s job market," explained Valla Vakili, Managing Director and head of Citi Ventures Studio. "This new integration with ZipRecruiter will help job seekers take the next step to find and apply for jobs they may be a candidate for based on their skillset. By helping people understand the skills they have, acquire new skills they may need, and connect them with open roles based on their skills, ZipRecruiter and Worthi hope to empower job seekers to achieve their career goals."

Job seekers can sign up for Worthi and access open roles via ZipRecruiter via The tool is free and accessible to users in the U.S.

About ZipRecruiter:

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¹ July 6-21, 2021, Washington Post-Schar School of Policy and Government poll of 570 American workers.

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Shauna Wynne
Public Relations Manager, ZipRecruiter