zant Announces Dr. Joe Womble as Latest Investor

zant, a leading mental health platform, announces Joe Womble, M.D., as an investor.

BRIDGEWATER, N.J., January 19, 2023--(BUSINESS WIRE)--zant, a mental health app that is dedicated to providing low-cost support across more than 25 categories is proud to announce Joe Womble, M.D., as an investor. Dr. Womble has been a medical physician for over 13 years and is a graduate of Austin College and the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center. As a physician, he has seen the increasing need for accessible mental health in many, if not all, of his patients and has developed a growing passion for easily accessible mental health services for students. In addition to his work as a physician, Dr. Womble has also grown his career as a venture capitalist, investing in several high-growth startups and syndicates. Investing in zant is a decision that will help foster better access to mental health resources for people across the United States.

Dr. Womble shares in the excitement of involvement in a high-growth startup like zant. "Over summer 2022, I had come across several news articles that reported the great need for counseling services and gap to access them, specifically for schools and students. I was completely unaware of how much need there was," he said. "When I met with Maggie Rose, the founder of zant, to learn more about their company and mission, I became incredibly excited at the idea that there was a company that I could invest into to help solve the exact problem I was urgently aware of."

At zant, client users are able to access a range of services including stress and burnout management, addiction recovery, trauma-informed counseling, and much more. With zant, every interaction ever made is completely made by the client, the controller over their mental health journey. The company believes that "one size does not fit all" when it comes to finding the right support and that finding support should be a simple, stress-free, and hopeful experience. All services are available at affordable rates with students paying $25 or less per session and standard rates never exceeding $100.

"Meeting Dr. Womble was a reassuring experience. He was naturally passionate about the work we were doing and as a physician, sees every type of patient on a daily basis, which helps him to truly understand the importance of mental health care as much as our society treats physical health," said Maggie Rose Macar, CEO and founder of zant. "I believe that Dr. Womble can contribute to our growth with a fresh perspective on patient needs."

zant's mission is a simple one: To make mental health care accessible for everyone regardless of financial status or location. With its easy-to-use mobile app and personalized approach, client users can get the individualized attention they need without having to sacrifice quality service or convenience.

Dr. Womble's investment will contribute to zant’s growth by helping fund various projects related to research and development, which will ultimately enable zant's growth and scalability across the country.

zant launched on September 1st on the iOS App Store and is now available for download on the Google Play Store for android users. For more information on how to join zant’s mission as an investor, please contact, or for press inquiries email

zant is a mobile app offering over 25 categories of support at low costs with discounted student and standard rates. We envision a world where mental health services are accessible, affordable, and still remain high-quality.

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