If You've Ever Had A Partner Cheat On You, How Did You First Learn About It?

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Let's just get right to it: cheating sucks.

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But unfortunately, it's pretty common. Chances are you likely know someone who's been affected by it — whether they've been cheated on, or have initiated the cheating themselves.

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If you're in the former group, tell us your story. If you've ever had a partner cheat on you, how did it all unfold? 🥴

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How did you learn about the cheating? What happened in the aftermath?

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What lessons — or regrets — did you come away with? Did being cheated on affect any romantic relationships you had after that one?

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And finally, what advice would you give someone going through a similar situation?

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Tell us as much (or as little) as you'd like in the comments below, or via this anonymous form.