Young people to tell climate change stories with the BBC

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Three images of young people outside
Three images of young people outside

In July, the BBC launched a talent search for 18-24 year old storytellers from across the UK to help tell stories about climate change.

The following 22 young people have been selected from over 500 submissions to work with BBC teams to produce original stories about sustainability and climate for BBC programmes and platforms before and during the UN Climate Change Conference of Parties (COP26), which takes place in Glasgow in November 2021.


  • Coreen Grant, 23

  • Donald Matheson, 20

  • Molly Finlay, 21

  • Sofia Carlotta Sculati, 20

  • Sorley Johnston, 19


  • Rosalind Skillen, 23


  • Chloe Blissett, 23

  • Nel Richards, 20


  • Ikenna Hurike, 20 (NWT)

  • Robyn Hogg, 23 (North East & Cumbria)

  • Josh Gorroño Chapman, 23 (Look North - Hull)

  • Maisie Goodwin, 22 (Look North - Leeds)


  • Georgia Helme, 22 (Midlands Today)

  • Keion Sutton, 21 (East Midlands Today)

  • Zoe Johnson, 24 (Look East - Norwich)

  • Erin Osgood 22 (Look East - Cambridge)


  • Rebecca Pignatelli, 23 (London)

  • Anna Moorey, 24 (South East Today)

  • Katie Porter, 22 (South Today)


  • Helen Morley, 24 (Points West)

  • Emily Stott, 22 (Spotlight - Plymouth)

  • Lily Carter, 23 (Spotlight - Channel Islands)

BBC Young Reporter - Climate Stories is an opportunity for 18-24 year old content creators and young people interested in working in the media to produce a report for broadcast.

Young people were asked to submit an outline of an original ideas about environment and climate change-related story they think the BBC should be telling and which is relevant to them or the area they live.

The selected young people will take part in a series of workshops, with expert coaching on storytelling and practical steps on pursuing a career in journalism as well as support and guidance from BBC journalists to produce their original stories about sustainability and climate.

These reports will form part of the BBC's coverage of COP26.

The Terms & Conditions for this opportunity are here.

BBC Young Reporter continues to offer workshops and events for schools, colleges and youth organisations. Find out more and get involved here.

Follow us on Twitter @BBCYoungReport / #BBCYoungReporter

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