Young bull moose gets stuck on Connecticut fence. Officials then call for jaws of life

Photo from the Connecticut State Police

A young bull moose got itself into quite the predicament that it couldn’t get itself out of on Friday, Sept. 30 in Connecticut, according to officials.

Shortly before midnight, the Connecticut State Police was informed a moose was caught on an iron fence surrounding a dam on the Barkhamsted Reservoir, Hartford’s primary water source, police said in a news release.

The creature, which appeared to have one antler, can be seen in photos released by police standing with its front legs on one side of the fence and its hind legs on the other.

The police, in coordination with a local fire department and the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP), removed a portion of the fence and freed the moose, according to the release.

“They brought the rescue truck over and I used the jaws of life to cut the fence and then the moose walked off into the woods,” Tyler O’Neil, a volunteer fireman, told NBC Connecticut’s Heidi Voight.

“It was super satisfying that the moose waltzed right off into the woods after,” he added. “I thought for sure the fence was impaled into it, but no blood at all, just some fur.”

While sightings of moose in Connecticut have risen over the years, the current population is estimated to be around 100 animals, according to DEEP.

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