You'll get a splash out of this dog show

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Aug. 16—NORWALK — Dogs and fair fun.

There will be plenty of fun this week at the Huron County Fair.

"The 'Ready, Go Dog Show' is a collection of the country's greatest K-9 athletes," said John Casey. "In our show you are going to see our dogs flying to catch Frisbees and flying to catch Frisbees in the deep end of our pool.

"It is absolutely one of the most fantastic shows you will see."

The show is located near the entrance of the Heritage Area and there will be three shows a day through Saturday.

Casey and his partner, Nikki Penca, do about 10 shows a year. Their last show was in Ross County in southern Ohio.

The show is based out of Missouri near St. Louis.

"In the offseason, we do halftime shows with Frisbee dogs for college basketball, NBA and NFL," Casey said.

While living now in Missouri, Casey is originally from Cincinnati.

"Once a Buckeye always a Buckeye," he proudly said.