Yankees GM Brian Cashman addresses Aaron Boone's medical leave of absence: 'All we care about is him'

Colin Martin
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Brian Cashman press conference
Brian Cashman press conference

Yankees GM Brian Cashman addressed the media from spring training on Wednesday regarding manager Aaron Boone's leave of absence to receive a pacemaker.

Boone and the team put out a statement earlier in the day, saying that he would be undergoing the procedure at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Tampa.

"Booney made me aware a few days ago about what was going on in his world, from a health standpoint," Cashman said. "I think he referred in the statement, obviously to his heart procedure that he had, I believe it was 12 years ago. So he pointed out that he had been feeling some things along the way, and he's got the doctors involved, and they've been running some tests, and everything has come back really well. But they had recommended a pacemaker.

"So essentially, we're gonna pick a date here sooner than later to get that done. Of course, the Yankees' standpoint was, 'Hey whenever, take the time, leave now, whenever is the best for you, this situation is secondary'. As we all know, we have these jobs and everyday walk of life, but nothing's more important than your health and your family."

Cashman would go on to say that Boone put him at ease by filling him in on the specifics of the procedure, and that it is just routine.

"He let me know last night, that today, obviously, he was gonna get it taken care of, hopefully as early as today," Cashman said. "We look forward to getting him back. He put me at ease when he first told me a number of days ago what was going on, with today's science, which is so incredibly impressive, that this is an outpatient situation and you can be up and running in 24-48 hours, back to normal. Just the way he communicated with me, put me at ease. If he's really in a good place, then I'm in a good place because all I care about is him, all we care about is him."

The Yankees begin their day with a Zoom call between coaches and the front office, and Boone filled in members of the organization what he was going through this morning. Cashman then said that Boone had a message for the players in their Zoom call later in the afternoon.

"This one was different because he was on the hospital bed on the Zoom call with the entire coaching staff and front office to go over the day's schedule," Cashman said. "And obviously he opened with that call explaining why he's there. Most of the people on that call were not aware of what was going on, and that he was going to miss a few days. So he took that time to walk everybody through it.

"And then Aaron Boone had a video presentation that he shot from the hospital bed that they played on the Zoom call for our players. And the design of it was to put everybody in that call also at ease. Much like the conversation I had with Aaron Boone, to assure everybody that this has become a routine procedure, and just something that's necessary, it's time to get it out of the way, and I'll see you sooner than later, and everybody just hold the fort down until I get back."

Yankees bench coach Carlos Mendoza will assume manager duties while Boone is on medical leave.