Y-S water providers urge conservation

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Jul. 25—Yuba-Sutter water providers are urging local residents to conserve water as drought conditions deepen throughout the region.

"Yuba County is in a better position than many other parts of the state because of the availability of groundwater in our region, but we're deeply concerned about the potential impacts of one more, or multiple, dry years ahead," said Yuba Water Agency General Manager Willie Whittlesey in a press release.

Drought impacts are already being felt by local irrigators and businesses, domestic well owners and the environment, he said, and a lack of water threatens the region's ability to fight wildfires.

"This is an all-hands-on-deck situation, and we all need to save what we can right now," said Olivehurst Public Utility District General Manager John Tillotson in a press release. "Everyone's individual efforts can collectively make a huge difference."

Some ways local residents can reduce residential water use include, fixing faucet leaks; eliminating or scaling back lawn watering and intentionally watering early in the morning instead of during the day to reduce evaporation; sweeping sidewalks and driveways rather than hosing them off; using a self-closing nozzle for a hose; turning off the faucet while brushing one's teeth, shaving or doing dishes; defrosting food in the fridge instead of under running water; and shortening showers to less than five minutes. Those evacuating due to a threat of wildfire are also advised to never leave water running, as it can leave firefighters without ample water to fight fires.

Additional water-saving tips and resources can be viewed atyubawater.org. Residents are also encouraged to contact their local water provider for additional resources or tips.

"It doesn't matter whether you live in a rural area or the suburbs, the valley or the foothills, there are so many simple things we can all do," said Diana Langley, public works director for Yuba City, in a press release. "We are very concerned about the impacts of lingering drought, and we need to make these conservation tips a way of life, right now."

Local water officials stated they wanted to partner on collaborative messaging regarding conservation to ensure all residents in the region get the same, consistent information about the drought and the urgent need to reduce usage.

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