This 'iron in a bottle' is the ultimate gift for lazy people to keep clothes wrinkle-free

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This travel iron will be the first thing on your packing list every time you pack for a business trip. (Source: iStock)
Take care of last-minute ironing with this simple solution. (Source: iStock)

Ironing seems to be an unavoidable and tedious chore. You either spend tons of time trying to flatten out every crease in your clothes or deal with wearing a wrinkly outfit all day. Thankfully, you can say goodbye to your iron and ironing board with this time-saving laundry helper.

If you can’t stand ironing your clothes or simply don’t have the time, consider investing in this wrinkle remover. This convenient spray will have your clothes looking fresh-pressed in minutes. For just $18, you can get crisp, fresh clothes in the blink of an eye.

The answer for wrinkly clothes

Use this spray at home or gift it to a college student with a few too many wrinkled clothes. (Source: Amazon)
Use this spray at home or gift it to a college student with a few too many wrinkled clothes. (Source: Amazon)

$18 $19.99 at Amazon

No need to crowd your dorm, apartment or utility room with a clunky ironing board. By spraying your clothes with a bit of wrinkle remover, you'll enjoy the same results as you would using a hot iron. This all-in-one spray removes wrinkles, static and odors. On top of its powerful wrinkle-removing abilities, it also leaves your fabrics with a refreshing scent.

Ditch the long-winded ironing process for this spray’s convenient and simple three-step process. Just smooth out your clothes, spray them a few times with the wrinkle remover and then hang them up for a few minutes. You'll get the same crease-free look using far less time and effort than you would ironing.

This handy spray doesn't just work on clothes. You can use it on any type of fabric surface, including curtains, bed linens and tablecloths. Get your entire home looking fresh and wrinkle-free in a quarter of the time it would have taken you to carefully iron everything.

Don't just take our word for it. One satisfied customer refers to this spray as the 'best product ever!' and writes the following in their five-star review:

"Way better than the name brand at the grocery store. I am fairly certain that I haven’t used my iron in months! It’s fantastic for travel as well. Works on all kinds of fabrics and doesn’t leave spots or residue."

Keep your clothes looking crisp

Life is busy, and there’s nothing better than finding a product that saves you time. Never go out with a wrinkly shirt again when you head to Amazon today and grab a two-pack of wrinkle remover for $18.

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