Wrecks worry Oakview residents

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May 6—HIGH POINT — The Oakview Citizens Council plans to host a public meeting with city officials next week to discuss concerns prompted by two fatal wrecks in less than a year.

The group will meet at the Oakview Recreation Center and also virtually via Zoom, said Jim Bronnert, president of the Oakview Citizens Council. The meeting is set for Monday at 6:30 p.m.

"The main concerns are the fact that there have been two fatalities in the last eight months in the same area," Bronnert said. "Some neighbors have expressed concerns that even though the speed limit was reduced from 50 mph to 45 mph that it might need to be reduced again. We put together this meeting to hear if there are any solutions and thoughts from the (Department of Transportation) and (the High Point Police Department) so as to try to prevent any more fatalities and property damage."

The most recent fatality occurred late Sunday and claimed the life of Gwon Yong Hwan, 70, of High Point. Hwan's 2014 Honda Accord was struck by a newer model Chevrolet Camaro when Hwan pulled out onto the 3500 block of Johnson Street from the Korean American Presbyterian Church of Greater Greensboro parking lot near the intersection with Oakview Road, according to High Point police.

The Oakview Citizens Council wants to hear more from police and transportation staff members about that wreck and a fatality last year on Johnson Street near Oakview Road that killed two people.

"It seems the aggressive driving problem in the Oakview neighborhood as well as all over High Point has been a concern for a while," Bronnert said.

Participants in the meeting are advised to wear face masks and follow COVID guidelines. To join the Zoom meeting, go to: bit.ly/ 2PW8goS

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