Worried about the time you spend on a screen? Here are tips to help limit your screen time.

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Smartphones have made it easier for us to always be connected, but sometimes we mindlessly scroll for hours.

Have you ever checked how much time you’re spending on your device? Many smartphones have a built-in feature breaking down your screen time into categories, including how much time you’re spending per day and on which apps.

Screen time is the amount of time your screen is actively on, so a Spotify dance party with the screen locked won’t count, but the 2 a.m. Reddit hole you fell into will.

Too much screen time

Screens are all around us: in pockets, in bags, on walls (oh my!), so it’s not just our phones and computers that we’re spending our time looking at.

Studies found screen time can impact on our overall well-being.

A study from JAMA Pediatrics found screen time for teenagers outside of virtual learning doubled from pre-pandemic numbers.

Higher screen times for teens were found to be associated with poorer mental health and more stress.

No matter how good the meme, excessive screen time can impact your health by disrupting sleep or increasing the likelihood of binge eating.

Too much screen time can cause neck pain or muscle strain.

How to reduce your screen time

Cellphone companies are taking steps to make it easier for people to have more control over the time they spend on their phones.

Both iPhone and Android devices have a built-in feature that lets you create time limits for certain types of apps. Once you hit that number, the app closes and goes gray.

You can still access the app, but it adds an extra step that makes you think again before proceeding.

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