'World's Largest' Cast Iron Skillet Hitches Ride on Interstate 59

A giant cast iron skillet billed as the world’s largest by manufacturer Lodge Cast Iron hitched a ride up Interstate 59 on January 12, en route to a museum the company is building in South Pittsburg, Tennessee.

According to Lodge Cast Iron, the skillet measures over 18 feet “handle to handle” and weighs “a whopping 14,360 pounds.” The company plans to open a museum featuring the huge pan and other cast iron products later this year.

Guinness World Records reports that the largest “frying pan” in the world is one built in Turkey that measures 6.72 meters (roughly 22 feet) in diameter.

This footage, provided by Lodge Cast Iron, shows the cast iron bohemoth being transported on January 12. According to local reports, drivers spotted the humungous skillet during its journey northward. Credit: Lodge Cast Iron via Storyful