The World Is Obsessed With Crocs Jibbitz, and So Are We – Here Are the 13 Best Crocs Charms

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If you’re reading this article, then you’re probably already a Crocs wearer. Or, at the very least, you’re Crocs curious. And that means you don’t need to be told that in the year of 2021, against all odds, Crocs are indeed fashionable. Would celebs like John Cena, Justin Bieber, Diplo or Nicki Minaj be wearing them if they were a fashion faux pas?

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While classic Crocs may be at the height of their fashion arc right now (although we thought they would come and go years ago), that’s only partially because of the unique rubber style. Most people wear these lightweight and durable shoes because they are incredibly comfortable and waterproof. In fact, almost everyone who spends a large amount of time on their feet, standing all day, would benefit from keeping a pair of Crocs in the closet. In particular, these shoes are recommended for:

  • Nurses and doctors

  • Gardeners

  • Restaurant workers

  • People suffering from foot pain

  • Beachgoers

  • Dads

Normal Crocs are now an acceptable form of footwear in nearly all social situations, but there is one way to make them even better. Crocs Jibbitz charms are all the rage with celebs, kids and adults alike. We’re seeing Crocs Jibbitz everywhere in 2021, and we feel a strange urge to collect them all.

These Crocs charms, which range from movie characters to party animals, allow you to personalize your Crocs shoes. Each Jibbitz slides into the circular holes in the top of your Crocs. Use one charm or buy one for every whole. They won’t poke through into your foot, so you won’t even notice they’re there. But the world around you will be able to see your personality shine through your footwear.

The Best Crocs Jibbitz for Every Style

The Crocs line of shoes now encapsulates a variety of styles, from rubber-like sneakers to the traditional clogs. (They even make gloves.) Unfortunately, Crocs Jibbitz cannot be used with every style, as the charms require holes in the tops of the shoes. That’s the only place to possibly fit the charms. Therefore, Crocs Jibbitz can only be used with classic Crocs clogs and slides.

Are you ready to personalize your Crocs? Scroll through our list below to discover the 11 best Crocs Jibbitz charms for sale in 2021.

1. Sloth


Who doesn’t love sloths? We feel they’re the perfect animal for Croc-wearers, as they are the epitome of cozy and comfy thanks to their adorable good looks and ever-so-slow movements. This shoe charm really pops against lighter colored Crocs, like white, cream or light pink. And, if you’re planning a visit to see sloths where they live in Central or South America, don’t forget to pack your Crocs and this charm. Crocs are some of the most popular shoe styles for wet weather conditions, and they’re great for the weather of the rainforest, too.

crocs jibbitz sloth
crocs jibbitz sloth

Buy: Sloth $4.99

2. Crocs Fire Jibbitz


The classic Fire Jibbits is easily one of the most popular Crocs charms we’ve seen out in the wild, and it goes especially great with red Crocs. The tiny cartoon flame provides the perfect flair for your everyday Crocs.

crocs fire jibbitz
crocs fire jibbitz

Buy: Fire Jibbitz $4.99

3. Toy Story Pack


One of the best ways to customize your Crocs using multiple charms that match is to buy a multi-pack, like this Toy Story Pack. It comes with three different Crocs Jibbitz, namely one Woody, one Buzz and one Alien. These can be placed together on a single shoe or spread across the pair. And, if Toy Story isn’t your thing, multi-packs are available in just about every combination you can think of.

toy story set crocs jibbitz
toy story set crocs jibbitz

Buy: Toy Story Pack $14.97

4. Unicorn Peg


We know you’re a unicorn, but does the rest of the world? Make them understand that you’re a unique and mystical creature (or simply show off your love for the single-horned animals) with the Unicorn Peg Jibbitz Charm. This popular charm boasts a rainbow mane and a purple horn next to the white horse. Because of the lighter colors of this charm, this is one of the best options for darker colored Crocs, like black, brown or blue.

crocs jibbitz unicorn
crocs jibbitz unicorn

Buy: Unicorn Peg $4.99

5. Black Lives Matter


According to Crocs, the company has always been “an advocate for equality and inclusivity.” They even have a trademarked slogan to Come As You Are. So, it really makes sense that they would also produce a Black Lives Matter Jibbitz Charm. The brand worked with their talented Black artists to create this charm. They also donated to the NAACP in honor of its release.

crocs jibbitz black lives matter
crocs jibbitz black lives matter

Buy: Black Lives Matter $4.99

6. T-Rex Dinosaur


We aren’t saying that dinosaurs are just for kids. No, they are appropriate for all ages. We just think that this Crocs Jibbitz is great for smaller kids Crocs because it’s noticeable but not too big. This ferocious carnivore has a sleek red body and is showing off its savage teeth and tongue thanks to its perpetual growl. As an added bonus, these charms can help kids differentiate between right and left shoes, helping them to learn how to identify the two sides quicker.

crocs jibbitz t rex dinosaur
crocs jibbitz t rex dinosaur

Buy: T-Rex Dinosaur $4.99

7. Spiderman Mask


Just like everything else in this world, Marvel is about to infiltrate your Crocs. Yes, there is an entire line of Marvel Jibbitz, featuring everything from the Avengers logo to your favorite superheroes. With the upcoming release of Spider-Man: No Way Home, we love this Spiderman Mask charm. This piece throws it back to the comic origins of everyone’s favorite neighborhood Spider-Man.

crocs jibbitz spiderman mask
crocs jibbitz spiderman mask

Buy: Spiderman Mask $4.99

8. Libra


The whole point of Crocs Jibbitz is that they allow you to show off your personality on the open canvas that is your Crocs shoes. Each piece you choose tells the world a little bit about yourself, so why not fill them in on your birthday and personality? The horoscope series of charms contains each of the star signs written out. Simply choose the one you were assigned at birth when ordering.

crocs jibbitz libra
crocs jibbitz libra

Buy: Libra $4.99

9. Rainbow Peace Sign


Whether you’re a hippie at heart or just want to add a splash of color to your Crocs, the Rainbow Peace Sign might be the right choice for you. This circular pendant features all the colors of the rainbow and then some. It also has a circular peace sign in the middle, so everyone around you will know you prefer love and not war. Because of its super-colorful design, this charm looks great on most styles of Crocs.

crocs jibbitz rainbow peace sign
crocs jibbitz rainbow peace sign

Buy: Rainbow Peace Sign $4.99

10. Crocs Classic Clog White Cream


Having a Crocs Classic Clog White Cream Jibbitz Charm on your Crocs is pretty much the definition of meta. There’s no better way to show your love for the classic clogs than by wearing two of them on a single foot. Unfortunately, this charm is only currently available in white cream, so it looks best on darker Crocs. But, we think it’s funniest when worn on shoes of the exact same color.

crocs jibbitz crocs classic clog white
crocs jibbitz crocs classic clog white

Buy: Crocs Classic Clog White Cream $4.99

11. Blue Mask


2020 and 2021 were certainly years we’ll never forget thanks to the worldwide pandemic we just lived through. Unfortunately, it seems COVID is here to stay, and with that comes the occasional need to wear face masks. This blue charm is reminiscent of the face masks we all donned to protect our neighbors, but for nurses and doctors, this charm is a reminder of their daily surgical attire.

blue mask crocs jibbitz
blue mask crocs jibbitz

Buy: Blue Mask $4.99

12. Sparkly Silver


Some of the newest Crocs Jibbitz, the bling collection is designed to really make your shoes sparkle. While not a real gemstone, these charms do cost a couple of dollars more than most of the Jibbitz charms, but we think they’re worth it. This one in particular emulates a diamond stud with a silver case. And, there are several more gem-inspired options to choose from, including a rectangular ruby charm and a green, marble teardrop charm.

sparkly silver crocs jibbitz
sparkly silver crocs jibbitz

Buy: Sparkly Silver $6.99

13. Astronaut Jibbitz


Our final pick for the best Crocs Jibbitz is this adorable little spaceman. The astronaut helmet goes especially well with white and black Crocs. Pair it with a Star Jibbitz charm for an out-of-this-world aesthetic that will earn you compliments wherever you go.

astronaut jibbitz
astronaut jibbitz

Buy: Astronaut Helmet Jibbitz $4.99

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