World Archery accused of 'racism' for using 'chop suey' font in videos of South Korean archers

The World Archery Federation sparked backlash online for its use of the "chop suey" font in a pair of tweets supposed to celebrate Olympic archers from South Korea.

Problematic font: World Archery is accused of racism when it shared two videos that introduced the women's and the men's team from South Korea, using a font associated with racism, reported Reuters.

  • Also known as the "wonton" font, this typeface was commonly used by old restaurants that mimicked Chinese calligraphy strokes.

  • The font, and other variations of it, has been widely used in racist signs, leaflets and posters against Asian Americans for over a century, according to CNN.

  • Due to such use, many have regarded the font as an expression of racist stereotypes toward Asians.

“Not” racist: According to a representative from the World Archery Federation, the way they used the font in promoting the domination of South Korean archers was not racist.

  • When the athletic body posted the videos, the South Korean archery team won three gold medals in all archery team events at the Tokyo Games.

  • World Archery Federation spokesperson Chris Wells said the organization only matched their Tokyo 2020 logo, which features the Japanese “enso,” a circle hand-drawn in a single stroke.

Featured Image via World Archery Federation

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