Wondercise’s on-demand fitness classes pair with your existing smartwatch

Daniel Cooper
·Senior Editor
·1 min read

If you’re looking for on-demand fitness classes that sync up with the tracker on your wrist, Apple’s upcoming Fitness+ service isn’t your only option. Wondercise, the Taiwanese on-demand fitness service, is rolling out its platform to the wider world. The company claims that, if you have a compatible smartwatch, your movements will sync up on screen in real time to help you keep on top of your form.

These on-screen metrics are designed to help trainers focus on their technique and keep parity with their instructors. Speaking of which, you can be taught classes in a number of disciplines, from Kettlebell, Tai Chi through to Resistance Band workouts and Hip Hop Dance. All you need to do is set a fitness goal and the system will produce a playlist of classes to help you on your way.

Wondercise works with an Apple Watch Series 3-6, as well as the SE, with compatibility rolling out in the coming weeks. The (long) list of compatible Garmin devices includes most of its smartwatches, as well as the Forerunner 245, 645 and 945, as well as the Music-branded versions. You won’t be able to sync your Garmin devices up until December, unfortunately.

And if you don’t already have a wearable, you can spend $79 to pick up Wondercise’s own smart band that’ll do the same thing. Oh, and you’ll also need to shell out for the $5 a month, or $35-per-year subscription fee for the classes themselves.