Women masquerade as frat boys to invade a virtual recruitment meeting

College students don’t have much to do while cooped up in quarantine, and for some, that has inspired greatness. Jill Cervini found herself pretty bored when she decided to text a member of a fraternity at her school, Bentley University, to get invited to a recruitment event. She told In The Know that she messaged the fraternity brother claiming her name was “Blake Wright” and got added to the GroupMe for rush. Cervini and her roommate donned classic frat boy attire — sweatshirts and hats — and painted beards on their faces to blend in. She also sent her boyfriend, Griffen Adams, the invite link. To “stir the pot,” Adams asked the room a raunchy question, which the fraternity brothers thought was serious. It got a few awkward responses, warming up the room for Cervini, who asked, “How much you guys bench”. The women lasted 19 minutes before getting kicked out of the call — “way longer” than expected, Cervini said. “I’m friends with some of those boys so I talked to them after and they said they were talking in a private group during the session about how sketch my beard was,” Cervini told In The Know