Woman's work email inadvertently lands her a husband: 'We played it cool'

On Oct. 4, Canadian journalist Samantha Butler-Hassan celebrated her sixth anniversary with Bilal Hassan, a former colleague. To mark the day, Butler-Hassan took to Twitter to share details on the meet-cute. “7 years ago ... I sent an email to all my co-workers one Friday, inviting them on a weekend hike,” she tweeted. she received one lone confirmation. “I’m in!” Bilal answered. At the time, Bilal was just a “guy from the web dev team” she’d “hardly spoken to”. still, the pair had a notably wonderful time together. “The hike was so much fun,” Butler-Hassan told In The Know. “It was just easy. We immediately hit it off”. The following February, the pair got engaged, just five short months after their first (mildly accidental) date. “A lot of people thought we were crazy,” Butler-Hassan remarked. “We knew it was crazy fast, but also had no doubts, and we still feel the same way”