Woman in a wedding dress seemingly hunts down her fiancé at Target

A mom of three named Ashley recently posted a two-part TikTok saga showing an impatient girlfriend forcing an ultimatum on her fiancé. The demanding bride appeared in a wedding dress at a Las Vegas Target where her fiancé works. She even brought a wedding officiant who appears to be a pastor and a lone bridesmaid named Emily. “Yeah, we’re getting married right now, or I’m leaving, I’m out. I’m done, like if you don’t marry me this second”. “Can we talk about this outside?” the stunned employee asks his fiancée. As the employee follows the bridal party out of the aisle, he wonders aloud, “Could someone have told me about this”. The wild video has racked up more than 21K comments from TikTokers who seem to be concerned for all parties involved. “The fact that she has a friend that thought this was a good idea is what’s most concerning to me,” wrote one user. “Red flag, don’t do it,” said another. “That’s crazy and very unrealistic, it’s not quirky, funny or romantic. That was ridiculous of her”