Woman warns future moms not to pierce their belly buttons

TikTok user Melinda Strauss (@therealmelindastrauss) took to TikTok to warn future parents of the perils of getting a belly button ring if you plan on getting pregnant. Don’t worry, having a belly button piercing while pregnant is safe for you and your baby, though it can cause discomfort in some cases. But, as Melinda explains in the video, you might not like the way the piercing looks after you give birth. Melinda recalls how, even though she removed her belly button ring when she got pregnant, the hole from the piercing was affected by her pregnancy. “Your belly gets really, really big, and so does the hole from the belly button ring, and then everything deflates after you have your baby,” she explains. the hole from Melinda’s belly button ring did not deflate with the rest of her belly. It remained so stretched that Melinda claimed it looked like “a second belly button”. Ultimately, Melinda was so unhappy with her new “second belly button” that she had it surgically fixed. Viewers jumped into the comments to commiserate with Melinda and share their fears

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