Woman taken aback by boyfriend’s surprise lifestyle ‘intervention’

A 23-year-old’s boyfriend and her mom want her to act more mature. She consulted Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for help. “I have been dating my boyfriend for around four years,” she explained. “I also lived alone with my mom until I moved in together with my boyfriend”. “[I] like things that my bf and mom consider ‘child-like’ such as wearing colorful socks, watching cartoons, keeping plushies as a memory”. “For me, these were always normal parts of me and I never really put much thought into them”. “So the problem came on my birthday … My mom and boyfriend apparently planned a nice little surprise for me at my mom’s house”. “They sat me down and started explaining that now that I’m 23 I can slowly be more ‘adult-like’ and be less childish”. “my boyfriend said that now that I’m no longer a teen, I should like things that adults do, dress more appropriately, etc. I kinda was upset and just left to my room”. Reddit users were on the 23-year-old’s side. “Part of being an adult is being able to choose what you like and enjoying it unashamedly,” someone wrote. “There is absolutely nothing wrong with being who you are,” a person commented