Woman taken aback by boyfriend’s surprise lifestyle ‘intervention’: ‘There’s nothing wrong’

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A 23-year-old’s boyfriend and her mom want her to act more mature.

She doesn’t think they have a right to tell her how to behave and consulted Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for help. On her 23rd birthday, her 29-year-old boyfriend and mom told her to be less “child-like.”

“I have been dating my boyfriend for around four years,” she explained. “I also lived alone with my mom until I moved in together with my boyfriend. I’ve always been a very enthusiastic and energetic person. I also like things that my bf and mom consider ‘child-like’ such as wearing colorful socks, watching cartoons, keeping plushies as a memory, having little cartoon dinosaurs on my wallpaper, etc. For me, these were always normal parts of me and I never really put much thought into them.”

But on her birthday, her mother and boyfriend expressed their disapproval.

“So the problem came on my birthday,” she wrote. “My mom and boyfriend apparently planned a nice little surprise for me at my mom’s house. After we all ate the cake they sat me down and started explaining that now that I’m 23 I can slowly be more ‘adult-like’ and be less childish. I was confused and wanted them to explain and my boyfriend said that now that I’m no longer a teen, I should like things that adults do, dress more appropriately, etc. I kinda was upset and just left to my room. I was talking about this with my cousin the other day and she said that I was overreacting and they were trying to be nice by throwing a party for me.”

Reddit users were on the 23-year-old’s side.

“It wasn’t a birthday party, it was an intervention. There’s nothing wrong with colored socks and plushies,” someone wrote.

“Part of being an adult is being able to choose what you like and enjoying it unashamedly,” another said.

“There is absolutely nothing wrong with being who you are,” a person commented.

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