Woman stunned by boyfriend’s ‘concerning’ invasion of her privacy: ‘Red flags everywhere’

A woman doesn’t trust her boyfriend around her laptop because of a previous incident. She explained her predicament on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. Her boyfriend N was jealous of her best friend E, who is a guy. N believed she was having an affair with E. One day, he snooped through her text messages and found nothing. He confessed and ever since then the Reddit poster hasn’t trusted him around her electronics. “A couple of days ago we were about to watch something on my laptop. I decided to leave the room and go to the kitchen to make us some snacks, so I locked the screen as always” . “he got mad and said that he redeemed himself, that I could trust him and I was being ridiculous since it’s been a long time since ‘the accident’” . Reddit users were on the girlfriend’s side for his one. “It’s your life, your privacy. And some parts of it aren’t meant to be his business,” someone wrote

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