Woman shares reaction to husband’s ‘insane’ household demands: ‘Stop entertaining this behavior’

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A pregnant woman is furious her husband won’t heat up his own food

The wife went on Reddit’s “Am I the A*****” forum for advice. She cooks seven days a week for the family and works a full-time job. Her husband is a stay-at-home dad. He sleeps when his wife comes home from work so he doesn’t eat dinner with the family. Then when the wife is asleep, he wakes her up just to microwave his food for him

“I cook seven days a week for five, soon to be six people, after working on five of those days,” she explained. “I always have to cook two meals, one vegetarian and one meat because my husband won’t eat vegetarian. Every night without fail he asks me to put it in the microwave to heat up later and every night without fail he’ll wake me up 10:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. to heat the food up again knowing full well I’ll usually have to be up in a few hours to feed the baby. Honestly, I’m sick of it so I started buying him microwave meals.” 

But the husband is furious that she is no longer cooking for him. 

“Husband has Type 2 diabetes so his sugars have been going a little higher than usual because he shouldn’t be eating unhealthy foods,” she said. “We’re obviously in disagreement here, his argument is he stays at home with the children which means he’s tired and sleeps when I get home so he can’t eat. But I work also and get home and cook, do my housework and still wake up during the night when the baby does.” 

Reddit users thought the husband wasn’t pulling his weight. 

“Stop entertaining this behavior. He can either use the microwave himself or eat cold food,” someone commented

“It is insane that he wakes YOU up to heat up his food!” another wrote

“Your husband is unable to operate a microwave and yet is somehow capable of taking care of children during the day?” a user said

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