Woman orders batteries from grocery store and gets a loaf of bread instead

Are batteries and bread the same thing? One grocery store worker seems to think so. On Oct. 27, TikTok user/Woolworths customer gracevp102 uploaded a video explaining how she ended up asking herself this question. Evidently, she ordered some batteries via Australian grocery chain Woolworths’ online store — but ended up with something else entirely. “Is there anyone here that works for Woolies?” Grace asks in her video. “I ordered AAA batteries and they swapped me with a loaf of bread”. Grace then proceeds to jokingly try to use pieces of bread in lieu of the batteries she needed. She then reveals that she is allergic to wheat, making the bread not just a poor substitute, but also generally useless. Though Grace’s dilemma is peeving, it’s also quite funny. At least, many TikTok users think so. “This is gold,” one person said. “Omg hilarious,” another added. “This wins the internet today,” a third wrote. “OK I work for Woolies and that’s ridiculous,” a fourth added. “Someone hates their job”