Woman kicks out younger sister over ‘creepy’ dinnertime behavior: ‘She’s no longer welcome

A woman kicked her little sister out of her home for flirting with her husband. The 27-year-old woman went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum and explained the situation. Her 20-year-old sister Emily had a crush on her husband as a young girl. She didn’t keep in touch with Emily as they grew older and expected the crush to subside. But when Emily and their parents came to visit, Emily wouldn’t stop flirting with her husband and the whole family noticed. “My husband looked very uncomfortable and so did my parents [...] He said she made him very uncomfortable and asked me to talk to her”. The woman confronted Emily about her behavior, but Emily denied everything. “She got very defensive and said that I was being insecure and I quote, ‘If I was really flirting with him, you wouldn’t stand a chance’”. “I lost it at this point and told her that she’s no longer welcome in our house and should f*** off the first thing in the morning.”. Reddit users did not like Emily’s behavior at all. “She was out of line,” one user wrote. “Once your husband said he was uncomfortable it was done,” another commented