Woman issues warning after online purchase sets fire to her apartment

A TikToker is going viral after sharing her tragic and frightening experience with a neon sign. The disastrous moment comes courtesy of user @sydsacks. In a clip posted on May 27, Syd revealed what happened after she purchased a neon sign for her brand new apartment. “Apartment burnt down after 14 hours of being moved in!” the TikToker captioned her video. Unfortunately, Syd’s caption pretty much says it all. Another clip shows the damage from the sign, which she says sparked a fire after falling onto her (also new) couch. Syd’s video shows burnt-up pieces of her couch, a massive hole in her wall and tons of water damage from her sprinkler system. The incident left commenters with plenty of questions. “OK but how did this happen?” one user asked. “Please tell me you have insurance,” another added. Syd tried her best to answer those questions and more. the TikToker explained that she does thankfully have renter’s insurance