Woman infuriated by roommate’s ‘awful’ babysitting requests: ‘You need to find better living arrangements’

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A pregnant woman can’t believe her roommate expects her to babysit his kids.

She took to Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for help. Her roommate has two children who visit two days a week. Whenever the kids arrive, he is usually asleep and expects the Reddit poster to care for them. But she is already seven months pregnant and has a 6-year-old of her own. 

“My roommate has two kids (ages four and two) that come over on his days off, so just two days a week,” she explained. “The rest of the time they are with their mom. My roommate has a bad habit of staying up all night playing video games and sleeping all day and this happens when his kids are there as well. So he is asleep all day while his kids are running around the house making messes. During the day when his children are here, my roommate will sleep all day and close his children out of his room. They then ask me for things.” 

When the Reddit poster confronted the roommate about his kids, he became furious. 

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“I had finally gotten tired of it after about a month and told them that their dad is watching them and to ask him,” the Reddit poster wrote. “The older child told me that he [was] asleep. I went and knocked on his door and told him to take care of his kids. He got pissy with me and told me that I was already taking care of my son so to just help his kids. I told him I wasn’t doing that anymore and opened his door and put his kids in his room. I could hear him slamming things around his room. After they went back to their mom’s I got a Facebook message from her saying that I should have just taken care of his kids, that he needs to sleep, that she trusted me more and [she] said I was a d*** for not helping them because they’re just kids.”

Reddit users were on the pregnant mother’s side.

“You need to find better living arrangements,” someone said.

“You aren’t the unpaid nanny. Both of them sound awful and entitled. Poor kids,” another commented

“His kids are not your responsibility. Unless he’s paying you and you have consented,” a user wrote.

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