Woman infuriated by roommate’s ‘awful’ babysitting requests

A pregnant woman can't believe her roommate expects her to babysit his kids. She took to Reddit's "Am I the A******" forum for help. Her roommate has two children who visit two days a week. Whenever the kids arrive, he is usually asleep and expects the Reddit poster to care for them. But she is already seven months pregnant and has a 6-year-old of her own. When the Reddit poster confronted the roommate about his kids, he became furious. "I told him I wasn't doing that anymore and opened his door and put his kids in his room. I could hear him slamming things around his room," she said. "After they went back to their mom's I got a Facebook message from her saying that I should have just taken care of his kids, that he needs to sleep," . "that she trusted me more and [she] said I was a d*** for not helping them because they're just kids". Reddit users were on the pregnant mother's side. "You need to find better living arrangements," someone said

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