Woman gives boss ‘ultimatum’ after conflict with coworker: ‘I’m so tired’

A teacher consulted Reddit’s “Am I the A******” to help her figure out whether her pregnant coworker is taking advantage of her kindness. “In early August, my co-teacher announced she was pregnant,” the user explained. “I was super happy for her and tried to be as accommodating as possible”. But the teacher started to feel like the accommodations were getting out of control. “It’s been about three months and half those days my co-teacher has called out sick without warning and has been coming in later and later,” the teacher wrote. “The days she is here, she refuses to do anything and is super irritable and uncommunicative”. “I’ve tried to talk to her about it, but I always clam up because she starts talking about her pregnancy and how hard it is,” the user said. “I’m so tired … I want to give my boss an ultimatum: either help me get her in line, or I leave”. Reddit users felt the teacher was justified. “Her lack of performance is hurting the kids,” one person commented. “She still has a job to do and she’s not doing it,” another added