Woman frustrated by roommate’s ‘disrespectful’ work-from-home demands: ‘Lock your door’

A woman doesn't want to lend her bedroom to her roommate as a workspace. Now the roommate is upset. She explained the situation on Reddit's "Am I the A******" forum. "I live in a house with three girls," she said. "Three of us have all started working from home, and one girl 'Jane' has been furloughed”. “She has finally gone back to work this month and is working from home three days a week”. “The three of us who've been working have set up workspaces in our bedrooms, but Jane … has the smallest room, so says she can't set up a desk in there”. “I made the decision to move in with my boyfriend. Now that we're out of lockdown, I'm still spending the majority of my time at my boyfriend's house”. “Jane has asked me if she can use my room to work in whilst I'm not there, and I said no”. "I've paid full rent and bills despite not being in the house nine months out of the last 14 … I'm not super keen on Jane anyway, she can be quite rude without thinking about it and I just don't really want her in my space”. Reddit users were not on Jane's side for this one. ”You’re paying rent so it’s your room. Lock your door!" someone commented