Woman enrages younger sister with major life decision: ‘Ridiculous entitlement’

A woman asked her sister to move out of her condo to make room for her future child, but now the sister is upset. The woman shared what happened on Reddit’s "Am I the A******" forum. She and her husband are ready to have their first baby but her little sister stays at their home rent-free. When she told her sister they would be converting her bedroom into a nursery, things took a turn. "she’s been complaining to everyone that we are kicking her out in the middle of a pandemic..." . "... and has been asking us to convert the home office into the nursery so that she can keep her room". Reddit users thought the little sister could use a reality check. “Ridiculous entitlement of the sister can’t believe it,” one person wrote. “You’re not even pregnant yet so hardly kicking her out,” another said