Woman enraged over boyfriend’s ‘hurtful’ decision making: ‘Reevaluate your life’

A boyfriend ditched his girlfriend on a mountain to watch a Jets game and he wants to know if he was wrong. He went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to share what happened. The boyfriend usually goes on weekend hikes by himself. This time, his girlfriend decided to join him on the day he was going to do a particularly difficult one. He insisted it was too difficult, but she went along anyway. To make matters more complicated, he wanted to complete the hike in time to watch football. But during the hike, she couldn’t keep up with him and this is where the conflict arose. She got mad, yelling that he "might as well just leave her up there," so he did. The boyfriend waited for her in the car while he watched the game on his phone. She made it back down by the fourth quarter. Reddit thought the boyfriend’s reaction was out of line. “Watching a football match matters to you more than your significant other?” someone said