Woman creates burger board for the win!

This TikToker takes the make-your-own-burger experience to a whole new level. Magician in disguise Samantha Bauchmann (@samanthabauchmann) created an incredible photogenic burger board ... which is essentially a platter covered with everything a person might want to make their own mouth-watering summer burger. Bauchmann describes the creation process on her Instagram, explaining that she “wanted to go in order of building a burger when placing items on the board” . And to make things easier, she sorted the ingredients in clockwise order. Bauchmann thought of everything when building her board—even lettuce wraps for those who are gluten free or simply prefer to forgo the bun. This particular board offers patties, buns, lettuce wraps, tomatoes, cheese, pickles, avocados, mushrooms, and bacon. There is truly a topping for everybody. TikTok users were wowed by Bauchmann’s presentation. One follower wrote, “Looks fabulous! Thanks for the idea”