Woman catches man ‘body shaming’ her over text

A woman took to TikTok to describe an incident on a recent flight, . where she caught the man sitting next to her body shaming her over text to another stranger. User @landenmewing, who goes by Landen on the app, has generated over 3 million views for her story about being "fat shamed" on a flight by a stranger. According to Lauren, she and the man were the only two people in their row on the plane, so she knew he was talking about her specifically. The man next to her had his phone "way up [in] front of him," and she could read his conversation. He allegedly complained that he "hates being on small flights with fat people" and called her names like "fat a**". Landen was able to laugh the interaction off in her TikTok but couldn't believe she was body shamed so blatantly. Commenters were outraged by the exchange and tried to figure out a way to justify why the man would body shame a complete stranger. "If my boyfriend EVER said something like that about anyone, I would be so mad," someone wrote

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